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We ensure students have a good grounding in Tai Chi hand form before moving into advanced techniques such as self defense and weapons. We balance old school methods of training, with a friendly and modern approach to teaching.

Everyone have different reasons for learning Tai Chi, so we offer different curriculum options.

It's your journey, so choose the path you wish to follow.

Square Form (方拳)

Round Form (圓拳)

Chi Kung (氣功)

Exercise chart from the Han dynasty (168 BC). Chi Kung is believed to be at least 4500 years old.

Push Hands (推手)

Wu Chien Chuan (1870-1942), our great grandmaster (left) demonstrates push hands.

Traditional weapons (兵器)

In Tai Chi, weapons are considered to be an extension of the body, and follow the same principles of movement. We teach weapon forms, drills and practical applications.

Wu style Tai Chi has four traditional weapons - Spear, Sabre, Sword and Whip (stick). We also teach Staff and Walking stick forms.

Sword 劍


Sabre 刀

Spear 槍

Self Defence (散手)

Tai Chi is a martial art and a very effective form of self defence. It takes time to learn and master, but empowers you with a high level of control.

"At its best, it can deal with a situation, and at its least, it can keep you from getting hurt. It makes no difference, young or old, all can learn, and all should learn. Each student will get from it what suits them, and even if they do not get what they expect, they are sure to get something useful out of it."

Xu Siyun, 1925

Internal Strength (內功表演)

Internal strength training or 'Nei Kung' is a high intensity form of tai chi training, it is usually attempted only after you have developed and practiced all other aspects of the art.

It involves committing a period of time to a fairly intensive training regime designed to build your strength, skill and understanding of Tai Chi.

In keeping with tradition, the Nei Kung methods of training are kept secret, performed behind closed doors and revealed only to dedicated students of good character.

Nei Kung is not for everyone - you can still attain a high level of skill in Tai Chi without it, but it is a badge of honour for those who take on the challenge.

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